1. Can this Mass Gaming Commissioner who is a  former Springfield City Councilor and Business Development Officer for Springfield be truly unbiased?

  1. Has he accepted campaign donations in the past from folks who will directly benefit from Springfield being awarded the license?

  1. Will he ultimately have to recuse himself from the Western Region vote so as not to have any shadow of impropriety?

Back in 1948, the Chicago Tribune had the gaff to end all publishing gaffs as they proclaimed the wrong winner in the presidential election.  But they Dewey headline got us thinking about another Dewey... The Dewey Square Group and pondering if this Dewey is actually trying to beat themselves.

You see Dewey Square Group is an incredibly powerful public affairs (nice euphemism for lobbyist) firm. Some would say the most powerful in all of New England if not the east coast.

Dewey Square Group is so big, they actually represent both MGM in Springfield AND Suffolk Downs.  So we couldn’t help wonder if they actually knew about the shot their client in Eastie/Revere took at their other client in Springfield on Facebook today.  Oops!